Monday 2 December 2013

Pocket lint : The unlikely culprit of iPhone 5 charging problems

Okay, so the title says it all. Your lovely iPhone 5 won't charge correctly and it's driving you mad. Your once worshipped aluminium deity has become the devil incarnate for refusing to accept your beloved lightning connector. Initial engagement with said connector goes well but bottoms out awkwardly a few millimetres from securely connecting to the object of your affections, teasing you with the faint glimmer of a prolonged charge only to cruelly renege when bumped, knocked or otherwise disturbed.

The answer of course is quite simple; the more dangerous than a daddy-long-legs pocket lint! Take a deep breath, it's curable.

Finding a pin, paperclip or other thin'n'pointy simply poke the small end into the dock on your phone, let it hit the bottom and scrape hard. If you've done it right the bedrock of compressed pocket fluff will crumble before your very eyes and a great river of linty fragments, the likes of which put a new clothing day belly-button clean to shame will flow forth.

Now celebrate! It wasn't broken, just fluffed up. Eternal gadgetary happiness is once again within reach.