Wednesday 8 May 2013

London to Paris Cycle Route

My London to Paris 5 day route is on predominantly minor roads through some beautiful areas of Southern England and Northern France. Taking in the Surrey countryside it hugs the pretty North Normandy coastline before heading inland to cross the Seine and follow it to Paris.

No trip would be complete without a cycle round Arc de Triomphe and visit to the Eiffel Tower before finishing Tour de France style up the Champs Elysees.

It was the coldest spring on record. We stared through the kitchen window at the thick blanket of snow that had engulfed the garden for the past week.

"It won't last" I said, and booked the Paris to London Eurostar tickets for Easter Monday.

It was the coldest easter on record too.

The route is designed for a morning daytime crossing from Portsmouth to Caen (Ouistreham) but would work equally well taking the overnight ferry which avoids the expense of the Travelodge and grants you a relaxing second day to explore the pretty villages along the Normandy coast. Just leave plenty of time to get to the ferry!

Other stages

  • London to Paris Cycle Route
  • Day 1 - London to Portsmouth
  • Coming soon - Day 2 - Portsmouth to Caen by ferry, then Caen to Villerville
  • Coming soon - Day 3 - Villerville to Les Anderlys
  • Coming soon - Day 4 - Les Anderlys to Paris
  • Coming soon - Day 5 - Paris to London by Eurostar

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